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Full Sized Stain Remover Bar

Full Sized Stain Remover Bar

Our Full Sized Laundry Stain Bar has stood the test of time, time and time again. From crude oil on farm clothes to grass stains on little blue jeans and all of my gardening adventures, this bar has cut through the grease grime and stains our lives have thrown our way. 


How To Use

**be sure to treat the stain BEFORE you wash your clothing, washing before treating can set the stain**

Wet clothing and bar with warm water, sudz up the bar with a scrub brush and start scrubbing directly on the stain. Once nice and bubbly, let sit 3-5 minutes then scrub again. Rinse and scrub as needed. If stain persists, let sit with sudz on stain for 20 minutes. Pop into wash as is and let the magic happen. 


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