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Wildland Foods

Canadian Company

Before founding Wildland Foods in 2018, David and Caitlin Beer spent much of their lives studying nature and harvesting its bounties. This Western Manitoba based team use their skills and knowledge to harvest only the freshest, tastiest treats that the forest has to offer. They only recently epanded from sales to restaurants and wholesalers to public sales in 2020, and now everyone has the chance to enjoy the taste of their wild treats year round!!! Preserving the flavors of the forest is an art that has been perfected by Wildland Foods and their team of professionals. Their technique of harvesting, dehydrating and transporting is carried out in a method that not only locks in all the beautiful flavors but also ensures that these tasty treats can be harvested again in their wild homes. 

Blankets By Tammy

Canadian Company

Fueled by the incessant need to snuggle up with a good book on a Saturday afternoon, Tammy set out to create the coziest throw that you would satisfy her request. The chenille throw will leave you curled up in your favorite chair, indulging in spontaneous naps. This 30x50" chenille throw is handcrafted from a 100% polyester yarn, only the best for your relaxing moments. 



Canadian Company

Home of the Portuguese Cork Baby slipper, SoftSoul is a step ahead of other baby shoe companies. Why? SoftSoul baby slippers have been designed with the environment and parenthood at the top of their list by creating slippers that are made of Eco-Friendly, PETA-Approved and Vegan fabrics and materials. This Canadian company knows the fashion industry is the second most harmful industry in the world using toxic chemicals and dyes on fabrics. Softsoul only uses materials such as Organic Cotton, Hemp, Bamboo, and Cork which are sustainable and free of chemicals and toxic dyes. These shoes are water resistant, fire retardant, ware and tare resistant, sweat wicking, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and soft on babies tender tootsies. This company has designed these shoes with one thing in mind, your little ones health and safety, and it shows in the quality products they produce. 



Beauty From Bees

Canadian Company

Their mission will never change and their standards will never decrease. Beauty From Bees uses ingredients that you can pronounce and you will never find anything synthetic, toxic, harmful, artificial or GMO in their products. Locally made in Alberta Canada, they monitor production to ensure their brand is always 100% gluten-free, nut-free and cruelty-free. By harvesting excess beeswax, a by product of honey, their products promote healthy comb renewal and reproduction in the hive. Dealing with only smart and ethical beekeepers leaves the bees enough honey to nibble on over the winter as they do not take honey from the comb, but only excess honey. This skin care company goes the extra step to bring your family only the best so you can worry about other things, like how keep being the awesome supermom/superdad that your kids know you are.


Forbidden Flavours

Canadian Company

From the bean to your cup, this local Brandon Manitoba based company goes above and beyond to provide you only the best when it comes to anything coffee. Bringing you 41 flavours and 6 seasonal flavours , they are guaranteed to have something to tantalize every coffee lovers taste buds on your list. This local roastery has two local locations one being Forbidden Flavours and the other The Roastery; both serving fresh to order cups to go as well as retail and wholesale bags. This company uses only 100% arabica beans and never uses a preservative or additive and all of their beans are available green for home roasting to your specific taste. 


Amy Rae Maker

Canadian Company

Using her heart and a brush, Amy creates beautiful one of  kind water art cards. She uses envelopes created from recycled paper products and is always striving to be more earth friendly! Not only does she sell her cards, she paints custom family portraits on cards as well as customized paintings of your home! She has a card for every occasion and that is why she is a Hippie Mama favorite! 

Amandas Seamstry

Canadian Company

Amanda learned to sew at the age of 8 from 4-H as well as from her grandmother and her mother. Having this skill behind her belt she was always able to come up with all kinds of handmade creations whether by sewing machine or hand stitch. Life got busy with school and work and she lost touch with her passion for sewing. It was only recently Amanda picked up her needle and thread when she found out she was expecting her beautiful son, Gibson. Since then she has  been creating baby outfits, bibs and has recently picked up macrame and knitting s a hobby. Keep an eye out for Amandas beautiful work on the website or contact Hippie Mama Gifts for her information.  


House of Jude

Canadian Company

A Canadian company that was born out of a love of Turkish Towels, also known as peshtemals. This mama set out to find her son, Jude, the softest, most absorbent towels and blankets made from traditional Turkish weave. After much searching, she realized that this specific fabric was nowhere to be found, and so became House of Jude.  Beautifully hand-loomed by talented Turkish artisans, the more you wash this fabric the softer ad more absorbent it becomes. Made from a blend of quality Turkish cotton and bamboo, the unique weave dries quickly and is naturally antibacterial so it will never have that damp towel smell. 
** Soak in cold water overnight before use to allow fibers to plump and begin natural softening process***

Charleys Creations

Canadian Company

Featured in many of Hippie Mamas gift arrangements is a locally handmade crochet teddy measuring approx. 9". It all began when Charley learned to crochet from her grandmother when she was a little girl. Since then her passion for crocheting has carried that talent with her into her adult years, creating these absolutely adorable critters! She launched her business in 2018 and makes a variety of custom crochet items including trivets, toques, mittens, slippers, a variety of styles and sizes of teddies and many more amazing creations. Care Instructions: gentle machine wash followed by a tumble dry and these little buddies are ready for a brand new day full of adventures or just some much needed cuddles.



Canadian Company

Their slogan is "Love at First Bite", and I could not agree more! Mitteez is a Canadian company that uses only the best materials when manufacturing some of the cutest teethers, chews and clips on the market. This mother of four took her experience with trials and tribulations of toddler teething, combined it with safe, eco-frendly and natural materials  and created one of Canadas favorite teething companies.  Not only are their products organic, ecofriendly, hypoallergenic, and naturally antibacterial, with every Mitteez purchase one school meal is provided to a child in need through the Mary's Meals organization. Looking out for the health, safety and well being of children of the world is a Mitteez mission, this is why I am so very excited to be able to offer you their amazing products through Hippie Mama Gifts.

Spice of Life Canada

Canadian Company

 Real food produced with real produce and Made with Love!!! I can not get enough of this company. Their Hot Sauces and Gourmet Preserves are handmade, all of our products are 100% natural, no added preservatives, no additives, no fillers and all of their produce is locally sourced right here in Canada! They deal directly with Ontario farmers and farms that produce exceptional produce that is picked at its peak....... say that 5 times fast!! Did you know..... Hot Peppers benefit you in more ways than one!  Hot peppers are not only vitamin rich but also contain capsaicin which is known to release endorphins in the body creating a natural euphoria.


Ma's Kitchen Inc.

Canadian Company

For all you Gluten intolerant chocolate fanatics out there, do I have a treat for you... literally. Ma's Kitchen and its delectable chocolate recipe has evolved and been passed down through three generations. The owner of Ma's Kitchen, Lori, first learned to cook and bake from her "Ma" whom was her grandmother. Many beautiful memories were made over the years of being in the kitchen at Ma's side. Eventually, Lori took Ma's wisdom, and special touch, and created the sweet treat that took her business sky high, The Crunch! This crisp buttery caramel candy was created right here in Canada ( Thornhill Ontario to be exact) And Hippie Mama could not be more thrilled to bring a little bit of Ma's love to your home.

Buck Naked Soap Company

Canadian Company

Yet another earth conscious company Hippie Mama carries, and I could not be happier to have them on my product list. Buck Naked Soap Company is a bold, natural, vegan, bath and body brand. Through their small batch operation, they make high quality, hand crafted, cold pressed soap and bath products using only the best sustainable ingredients. Making sure their products are as gentle on the earth as they are on our bodies is a top priority for this company. Social responsibility is at the core of Buck Naked Soap Company's philosophy; they have partnered with WE Charity Collection which provides developing communities clean water with every sale of their "WE" products. By using carbon neutral box packaging and reusable glass jars instead of plastic, Buck is taking every step to consciously package and ship their products so we can feel good about supporting their cause. I do not have enough amazing things to say about this company and am very excited to be working with them.


Inkwell Cards

Canadian Company

Inkwell is a modern handmade boutique and letterpress studio located in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, with an abundant selection of specialty printed paper products and handmade delights made with love, by artists from around the corner and across the world.

Penguin Random House

Canadian Company

Penguin Random House is the international home to more than 300 editorially and creatively independent publishing imprints. Together, their mission is to foster a universal passion for reading by partnering with authors to help create stories and communicate ideas that inform, entertain, and inspire, and to connect them with readers everywhere. Their dedicated team of publishing professionals is committed to helping authors realize their very best work and to finding innovative new ways of bringing stories and ideas to audiences worldwide. By leveraging their global reach, embracing new technologies, and collaborating with authors at every stage of the publishing process—from editorial and design, to sales and marketing, to production and distribution—Penguine Random House aims to provide them with the greatest platform possible. They make a point of ensuring that their authors voices carry beyond the page and into the folds of communities and societies around the globe.


Paw Wow Holistic Pet Products

Canadian Company

After adopting a pup from the WAG Animal Shelter, Tina and Constantine soon realized that their pooch's pre existing medical conditions began to worsen. Upon waiting for a critical surgery for their new dog they began looking for alternative solutions to manage treatments. After much research in dog nutrition and holistic pet diets they realized almost every bag of dog treats was full of additives, high carbohydrates and other junky ingredients. It was virtually impossible to find dog treats with clear and simple ingredients, so they decided to make their own. Paw Wow has been going strong since 2007 offering a healthier alternative to mainstream pet treats. Amazing, did I mention they source their ingredients locally AND they donate a portion of proceeds to local animal shelters? Everything about this company makes me feel good when I give y dogs one of their snacks.

Joyful Home Inc

Canadian Company

Turn your home into your own private sanctuary with Joyful Home Inc candles. This 16 oz, 100% soy wax candle is created eco-friendly and toxin free right here in Canada! Joyful Home candles always provides an absolutely delicious scent with a long lasting burn. 

Metropolitan Tea Company

Canadian Company

Lets talk earth friendly!! The Metropolitan Tea Company is one of my all time favorite Hippie Mama suppliers, not only because of how earth conscience they are, also because of how amazing their teas taste. 
They are a carbon negative company who uses solar panels to power their daily business (earning them the sustainability award from Torontos Board of Trade), have planted 15,000 trees in northern Ontario, created a nature reserve on a 200 acre abandoned farm lot, reuse packaging from incoming shipments on their outgoing parcels, they produce 100% recyclable and compostable tea bags that are derived from a plant based material, and on and on and on. Clearly I cannot say enough good things about this company. Founded in 1978, Metz Tea has come a long way from the basement  of a Toronto home. They now provide luxury teas to a global consumer base while promoting ethical environmental practices on the farms they buy from


Newcastle Classic

New Castle Classics Oversized Bamboo Swaddle 100% natural bamboo muslin swaddle is soft as silk, breathable, prewashed and measures 47" x 47". Great to use as a swaddle, burp cloth, nursing cover or just a blanket for mom and me snuggles. This lightweight, organic material naturally hypoallergenic, sustainable, moisture absorbing and much softer than cotton and linnen.


Trendy Baby Moc Shop

Trendy Baby Moc Shop is a small business that was created by a mom with a dream and a sewing machine! Stylish yet comfortable, these one-of-a-kind, handmade moccasins can be paired with any outfit in any season! Each pair is made with durable cloth and layers of felt lined with luscious fleece for extra comfort. Because these mocs are made with softer materials, they will not dig into the ankle of your baby like most other baby shoes. These moccasins have a soft leather-like sole, which is naturally skid resistant and helps your baby improve their balance as they learn to grasp and wiggle their toes.



Twine provides unique products that evoke a feeling of finding a hidden treasure. Inspired by classic, vintage styles, these collections emphasize rustic elegance, natural materials and a nostalgic sense of quality. 


Raine & Humble

Launched in 2007 by a group of four friends, Raine and Humble is a home furnishings brand based in Melbourne, Australia. The brand's sole objective is to beautify homes with a blend of classical antiquity and innovative modernity. Additionally, adherence to using eco-friendly materials in designing, manufacturing and packaging is a top priority and has been accomplished diligently till date. To demonstrate their ecofriendly mentallity, they use recycled cotton to create their beautiful fabrics by shredding, processing and turning fiber to yarn. Compared to conventional cotton, producing recycled cotton uses 33% less agricultural land, 79% less fossil fuels, produces 49% less air pollution, and saves 11,000 litres of water per one tonne. They have embedded their sloagen into the core of their company and I can not agree with them enough.... "WE TRULY BELIEVE THAT STYLE DOESN'T NEED TO COST THE EARTH!!!



Water succulent  once every one  to two weeks. Use your finger to check the soil. If the soil feels dry, water deeply and thoroughly until soil is completely soaked. Be sure your succulent pot has good drainage holes, so that any extra water can easily drain out. Let soil dry completely before watering again.


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