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Hippie Mamas Bath Products

Welcome to our Bath product line. Products made with natural and beneficial oils and pigments.


Our Luxury Bath Bombs have been formulated gently exfoliate and moisturise with ingredients such as clay, coconut milk powder and sweet almond oil. Our goal is to leave skin feeling nourished.


Salk soaks offer a wide range of benefits and we have formulated three different types for three different levels of soaking. Simple Soak, Botanical Soak, Luxury Soak


Our Whipped Wash is a paste alternative for gel body wash. A little goes a long way and it is all natural. Just pop a quarter sized amount on a loofah and let the magical bubbles form. Want to see more?

Shower steamers for any time of day! Whether it be a rise and shine kind of shower or relax and unwind, we have a steamer for any time of day. They are also great for relieving sinus pressure and and relieving congestion.

Our scrubs are exfoliation, cleansing and moisturising all in one. Whether it be salt or sugar scrub we've got you covered. Want to see more?

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