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Glow Antioxidant Green Clay Face Mask

Glow Antioxidant Green Clay Face Mask

Our Deep Cleanse FaceMask gets its deep cleansing abilities from a combination of French Green Clay and Kaolin White Clay, extracting toxins from deep within pores and off of skins surface while gentle exfoliating away dead skin cells leaving you with a glowing revives complexion.

Matcha powder contains methylxanthines which have been shown to help stimulate microcirculation in the skin which not only helps promote healthy, radiant skin, but it helps support an even and healthy complexion too.

Added Arrowroot powder has been used for many centuries to provide relief to skin irritations including rashes, acne and skin sores. In addition, topical application of arrowroot powder has shown to improve one's skin texture, reduce oiliness and bring a natural glow to one's complexion due to its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Beet root powder is another of our perfect natural ingredient loaded with antioxidants which when used as a face mask, dries up acne without leaving a scar. Leave this mask on for at least 15 minutes once a week or as needed and let your radiant self shine through that hippie soul and onto your glowing skin!

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