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My How We Have Grown!

Hello all you Happy Hippies out there, I haven’t blogged anything in a hot minute so I decided to do so on this beautiful Friday night!

NEW MUGS So much has happened since I last rambled on so lets get to it! I have launched my very own stoneware Hippie Mama Gifts cup created in Winnipeg Manitoba by none other than Michael Lemer himself! It was so much fun working with him and checking out his ideas when it came to colour combinations for the mugs as well as my logo! We also have some neat little magnets that we throw into each crate because why not! Within the next couple of months I am hoping to expand into a new color for mugs, honey dipper pots (to store honey) and a couple other fun products from Michael so keep your eyes peeled for that new chapter of Hippie Mama Gifts. NEW BRANDS

Hippie Mama has made some major expansions taking on 11 new brands in the last couple of months, we have expanded the following categories:








Adding a few new companies to these categories as well as expanding on the companies we already carry has been quite the exciting journey. All new products brought in are Canadian made and gentle on the earth as well as your body! BUILD YOUR OWN GIFT BASKET

Another huge accomplishment was adding the option to “Build Your Own Gift Basket” on the website. I find so many people are eager to pick and choose their own gift basket items to make their gift super personalized and from the heart, so I created a way for you to do just that! How does this work you ask?

First you add an empty gift basket to your shopping cart, then you pick individual items to go in your gift basket. Next you pick the ribbon colour for your gift basket and a card! be sure to write a sentiment you would like Hippie Mama Gifts to include in the card. From there we assemble the basket and add our usual boutique style to the gift and voila!!!


Hippie Mama Gifts participated in the “Dive Into Digital” program offered through The Hubs located right here in Dauphin Manitoba! This organization was beyond helpful as it gave me so many pointers to take steps in a positive and progressive direction! in case you have never heard of them, The Hubs is a group of amazing women who focus on helping female entrepreneurs navigate the waters of running small local businesses here in Manitoba. From helping you get your business off the ground to branding, creating a customized logo, advertising, revamping already existing businesses, or just being there to help you organize thoughts and business ideas, these ladies work hard to help you expand your horizons. If you have any questions I definitely recommend reaching out to this organization because they made a world of difference for my small business.

That covers the main points of what we have been up to for the last month or two now let’s talk about my favourite topic, what is to come!


Now that Hippie Mamas crazy hectic expansion is finally wrapping up I want to focus on getting back into the routine of reviewing small companies from around Canada! I enjoyed doing this so much, it absolutely breaks my heart that I have not made the time to do so lately. I have been slowly testing and stocking up on items that I do wish to talk about so we have plenary of new products to review!

Another topic I am very excited to touch on is the launch of new Gift Basket Arrangements. Now that we have all of these new products we need to start curating new and exciting gift basket arrangements! Most of them will be found in the Bath/Body and Baby gift basket section on the website so keep your eyes peeled for that announcement.

Childrens Toys? Sure why not! We are currently sourcing Canadian made and eco-friendly children’s toys to add to the mix. We are pretty sure we have “New Baby“ items covered so now we want to focus on the next stages of life, developmental growth while being super earth friendly!

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