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Hey guys! It's nearly 4 months since the launch of Hippie Mama Gifts and only now do I think to check in with the Blog for the site! What have we done in the last 4 months you ask? Well.... let me tell you!

-October 15th 2020 launched and branded Hippie Mama Gifts

- Recently, redesigning the logo was a fun task.

-Created business cards

-To date Hippie Mama carries 30 different companies, with 3 new brands in the working!

-Decided to run an add on Dauphins CKDM for 3 months.

-Participated in a virtual craft show, which was very different from the craft shows I attended with my Grandmother as a child.

-Recently created business pamphlets ( or something resembling ) to leave in mail boxes & bulletin boards.... sneaky sneaky! So keep your eyes peeled for those!

-I have been dabbling in chalk paint for gift basket crates and received some very positive reviews, in turn the Valentine's Day line was created

-Hippie Mama Gifts has branched out and begun to carry its own branded items, though only the scrunchies have made their debut there are some awesome items up for grab soon.

-We have begun doing review on items and companies we carry as well as ones we do not carry for our own personal use.

-We are currently participating in a month long journey with "The Hubs" in Dauphin learning how to navigate the waters of owning and efficiently running a business.

That pretty much covers the big news! In my down time you can find me working a part time job, raising my son, building crates, researching new companies, checking in on Instagram and Facebook, creating fun posts and keeping products organic.

Never in a million years would I have thought starting such an amazing adventure was going to be a part of my story, but here I am.... adventuring. Though there are ups and downs and plain ol' falling flat on my face moments, I absolutely love the little company I created and I love to watch it grow every single day. And now here you are, reading my Blog! Boy today couldn’t get much better 😊 Well that is all for todays entry, I will be popping in as soon as there is news for Hippie Mama Gifts or just to ramble on about nothing in particular. Either way, stay trippy little hippies.

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