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Hello, my name is Jenna and I am the owner/operator of Hippie Mama Gifts. I created my little company as a hobby, catering to my family and our skins needs. My son, who was an infant at the time, began to display painful, dry, itchy patches across his back from the well known "natural" skin care products I purchased from our local store. Being a new mother I was terrified, this is when I made the conscious decision to research and know what is in my families skin care.

My son was diagnosed with Eczema, his father with Psoriasis and myself with sensitivities to certain synthetic ingredients and scents. Since we began using my handmade products, our skin issues had significantly reduced if not completely disappeared. It was this result alone that made me a believer in the soothing and healing power of organic oils and unrefined, natural ingredients. From this belief my products were born.

It is my hope that your family loves and benefits from my creations as much as mine has. By using earth and body friendly products we are taking just one more step to protecting our environment and the well being of our loved ones. 

What is new in November?

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Shop Soap In Stock

Our shop soap has been formulated to remove crude oil, adhesives, welding soot and more from hard working hands. Great for creating a moisturizing barrier on tough cracked skin as well. 

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product of the month

Our Bath Bombs feature coconut milk powder, sweet almond oil, sunflower lecithin and kaolin clay. Some have additional powders for added benefits and all of our bombs are septic system safe.... Im talking to you rural folk. They are guaranteed to leave skin feeling moisturized after a soak in the tub. 


Soy wood wick candles add the perfect ambiance to any room. Choose from a variety of vessels and scents to find the perfect fit for your home. Did you know we have a "candle refill program"?

Soy Wood Wick


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