Tamarack Toque with Removable Pom

Tamarack Toque with Removable Pom

Tired of flat hair that is full of static when you remove your toque? We have a solution! 

Introducing the Tamarack Toque Handmade by our very own local maker, Janine of Wheat & Wildflower. 

These beautifully made toques are specifically designed from cotton which means no more itchy forehead and static hair! Yup, it’s possible and she made it! 

Don’t let these light weight toques fool you, they are down to beat the nastiest of weather while keeping you cozy, and did I mention the Pom is removable? Great for laundering and wearing under a hooded jacked for those windy days. But don’t worry, they are reinforced with a super sturdy snap these puppies aren’t going nowhere unless you want them to. 

These double layer rib knit toques are specifically made to regulate temperature perfectly so you are warm but not sweaty!  

Available in two styles with ruching at back for an effortless slouch look. 
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