St.Patty’s Bath Box

St.Patty’s Bath Box

A luxury Epsom & Himalayan Salt Soak, an activated charcoal Clay Bomb, detoxifying sandalwood & frankincense soap, and a nourishing lip butter all formulated to deep cleanse and remove toxins from the body & skin while nourishing oils, vitamins and minerals absorb deep into skin to moisturize and revive.

Our Epsom Salt Soak contains coconut milk powder to moisturize, honey powder to exfoliate and detox, and beer powder for its antioxidant, vitamin & mineral packed benefits. Naturally scented with cinnamon sticks, vanilla leaves and oranges that we have naturally dehydrated in house. A few drops of clove and we have created a creamy sweet scent meant to calm body and mind while releasing that Hippie Soul.

Our Deep Woods Hemp Soap has been formulated to detox and exfoliate. Infused with organic base oils and hemp seed oil this bar contains activated bamboo charcoal and poppy seeds for a deep detoxifying and exfoliating experience. Scented with Sandalwood and frankincense essential oil, a very woody earthy yet sweet unisex bar that leaves you feeling moisturized and ready to take on the day.

Detox Charcoal Clay Bomb is exactly as it sounds, a detoxifying bath bomb that deep cleanses and removes free radicals with its antioxidants and vitamins. Coconut milk powder and almond oil drive moisture deep into skin leaving you feeling silky smooth and hydrated without a greasy feel.

Our Lip Balm is made from 100% organic natural oils and presented in a stylish and sustainable bamboo tube. Whether it’s battling extreme dry and damaging climate or just plumping those kissers this balm is great for all skin types and occasions