Spring Bodhi Soap Box Large

Spring Bodhi Soap Box Large

Dive into our luxury Spring Bodhi Box and fall in love with our fall themed pigments and scents. Featuring 3 Hemp Soaps featuring organic base oils, natural & beneficial pigments and pure essential oil blends and two clay bath bombs, all are guaranteed to leave you feeling nourished and pampered. Featuring this seasons trending scents, this is the perfect “treat yourself” gift or a great way to show someone a mini TLC spa retread. All products are curated in a beautifully handcrafted wood gift box and wrapped with a bow!


Sunshine Hemp Soap- infused Brazilian Red Clay and French Pink Clay this bar offers a deep exfoliation while nourishing and detoxifying when sudsing up in the shower. Also infused with carrot powder which is known to repair and tone skin while improving skins circulation leaving you radiant and glowing. Scented with the perfect combination of citrus essential oils which have been naturally extracted via steaming fruits & botanicals, this beautiful blend has been formulated to invigorate senses and brighten and liven up dull skin.

Eucalyptus Tea Tree Hemp Soap- This bar is the perfect way to invigorate senses in the morning leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the day. It’s beautiful pigment comes from French green clay which exfoliates and detoxes skin/pores and alfalfa powder which is known for its heavy antioxidizing properties and its ability to stave off early signs of ageing. Scented with Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, this bar is great for battening cystic acne and body blemishes while both also have anti-inflammatory properties and are known to reduce redness and calm skin.

Spring Bliss Hemp Soap- the perfect blend of Rose Kaolin Clay and earthy/ citrus essential oils, this bar though beautiful is also effective! Rose kaolin clay is known for its ability to balance out oil production and remove toxins from skin and deep within pores while it’s polishing properties being out skins youthful glow giving skin a radiant hue. By combining a handful of our favourite earthy citrus and woody essential oils, we were able to create a bar that assists in the repair of dry tired skin while mixing 3 of our fav anti-aging essential oils in to help skins elasticity while providing a youthful glow.

Bergamot Clay Bath Bomb- this bomb is packed full of kaolin clay, coconut milk powder and almond oil, easily absorbing nutrients into skins surface and providing skin with a moisturizing nourishing soak in the tub. Bergamot is known for being a powder full antioxidant and is also known to reverse signs of damage from UV rays.

Berry Blend Clay Bath Bomb- this bomb, like all of our Clay Bombs, features the perfect blend of ingredients to nourish and moisturize skin. A blend of Berry oils provides a soothing scent for your senses with fun sweet notes. Pop this bomb in the bath and prepare to relax and revive tired skin.

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