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Large Winter Box

Large Winter Box

OurLarge Winter Box features 3 large Holiday Soaps instead of the usual one large and two small soaps at no extra fee! Tantalize your senses with our limited edition Peppermint Bark Hemp Soap. Layered with Purple Brazilian Clay and infused with Vitamin E, this soap is sure to wake you in the morning while revitalizing tired & dry looking skin. Enjoy the sweet suds of our Beached Christmas Soap while you deep cleanse your skin with French Green Clay & Kaolin Rose Clay which help fight the appearance of body blemishes and tired looking skin while the Vitamin E in the soap reverse environmental damage caused by our cold dry winter and the cinnamon infusion increase circulation in the skin leaving you with a healthy glow. Our Snowy Morning Hemp Soap takes you for a stroll through our Riding Mountain National Park on a crisp winters morning scented with all the forest scents, this soap is a great way to relax your body and mind after a long day while deep cleansing pores and removing the days toxins with BrazilianDark Red Clay, Kaolin Clay and Kaolin Rose Clay.Choose two Clay Bath Boxes Bombs from our list of favs and have a long detoxifying soap while the Clay gets to work removing unwanted oils, dirt and toxins from your skin. 
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