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Gypsy Mud Mask

Gypsy Mud Mask

Our Gypsy Mud Mask has been formulated with ingredients as old as earth and who’s medicinal qualities have been utilized through the ages.

This mask may make skin feel warm and leave the surface of skin pink/red. In scientific terms, cutaneous vasodilation occurs when a clay mask has dried and contracted your skin, causing blood to rush to the surface of your skin. When blood flow increases so quickly to an area, it tends to make the skin feel "hot"

Ingredients such as Kaolin, Green Tea, Poppy Seed Granules, Plum Kernel Oil, Benzoin Powder & Tea Tree Essential Oil Blend.

This all natural mask has been created with both problem skin and perfect skin in mind. When applying be sure to gently run mask in and allow poppy seeds to exfoliate skins surface allowing beneficial ingredients to soak deep into skin.

Allow sit on skin for 10- 15 minutes, you can let your gypsy soul decide if it sits on longer.

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