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Full Sized Laundry Bar Kit

Full Sized Laundry Bar Kit

Cuts through tough grime while preserving clothings vibrant colours, our all natural full sized laundry bar is our go to. From the farm to the playground, our laundry bar has proved to have what it takes time and time again.

How to use?

Wet stain with warm water then wet scrub brush. Rub scrub brush on laundry stain bar until good lather is created then scrub soapy brush directly on clothing stain. Keep adding water and soap lather from bar into the stain and scrubbing until stain is gone. Not cutting it? Let clothing item sit for 10-15 minutes with soap on stain. Then resume scrubbing. Toss into wash as is and watch the magic happen.

Be sure to scrub and treat stain on clothing before washing and drying. Why? Washing and drying clothing can actually set the stain into clothing, once stain is set it may live there forever.

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