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For Whiskers

For Whiskers

SKU: 324355

This Basket donates to the local Humane Society in Dauphin Manitoba

This Basket is 100% Canadian Made


Treat your purring little ball of whiskers to some completely organic, eco and environmentally friendly items. This gift basket arrangement features two boo bowls made from bamboo fibers which are naturally antibacterial, antifungal, odor resistant and an super durable. A Burlap Bird wand filled with premium catnip serving as a natural stimulant encouraging instinctive hunting behavior. A Catnip Cozy Pillow for hours of active fun and silly cat behavior. Eco-Kitty Pals activity balls, made of 100% organic catnip leaves held together using natural gum making them completely safe to chew. Give the gift of play while your kitten fine tunes its motor and hunting skills with this activity packed gift all arranged in a boutique quality handcrafted wooden crate.

  • Item Description

    This eco-friendly pet bowl is completely safe for your pet and good for the environment. It's biodegradable, and made from 100% natural and renewable materials. BooBowls are BPA-free, washable, strong, durable and biodegradable. The bowls are also come with a non-skid base to eliminate those messes around the bowls. Our bowls feel like the strongest plastic bowl but without the drawbacks such as collecting bacteria and odors.

    Eco-Kitty Burlap Bird Wands are filled with premium catnip and the atached toy makes for a "purrfect" playtime buddy. The texture of the toy serves to stimulate all your cats senses, keeping them active and encouraging interactive play.

    Eco-Kitty Catnip Pillows are filled with premium quality catnip that will stimulate their senses and encourage hours of fun. The fragrant smell of the natural oils in this catnip serves as a natural stimulant eliciting instinctive hunting behaviors and keeping them active.

  • Shipping & Delivery

    Hippie Mama Gifts ships Canada wide and offers free delivery to Dauphin M.B. and the surrounding R.M. of Dauphin M.B. area.

    Items will be shipped via Canada Post Monday to Friday

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