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Best described as handmade and antioxidizing, the 3 Flower Burst Artisan tea has smooth and satisfying green tea notes. Flaunting a peach character of osmanthus that comes to the for with hints of Jasmine and crysanthemum lily. The artisan tea is not only meant to be enjoyed by the sip, it is also visually stimulating. Place one tea bud in the premium silica glassware teapot and watch your tea bloom! All that is left to do is enjoy some delectable, gluten free chocolate and find a spot for your new succulent.

  • Item Description

    This is a completely Canadian basket

    1-3 cup glass teapot is made of premium silica glassware. Durable yet decorative, there is no better way to steep a nice artisan tea.
    3 Flower Burst Artisan tea has smooth and satisfying green tea notes. The peach character of osmanthus comes to the for with hints of jasmine and crysanthemum lily. This artisan tea offers a very high antioxidant level and a low caffeine content.
    For all you Gluten intolerant chocolate fanatics out there, does Hippie Mama Gifts have a treat for you... literally. Ma's Kitchen and its delectable chocolate treats are sure to leave you wanting more of the 100g bar.
    Water succulent once every one-to-two weeks. Use your finger to check the soil. If the soil feels dry, water deeply and thoroughly until soil is completely soaked. Be sure your succulent pot has good drainage holes, so that any extra water can easily drain out. Let soil dry completely before watering again.

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    Hippie Mama Gifts ships Canada wide and offers free delivery to Dauphin M.B. and the surrounding R.M. of Dauphin M.B. area.

    Items will be shipped via Canada Post Monday to Friday

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