St.Pattys Detox Beer Box

St.Pattys Detox Beer Box

Our St. Patty’s Detox gift set has been created with just that in mind, detoxifying and anti-oxidizing. We chose to feature beer powder in our St.Patty’s Day products because of its long list of benefits for the skin and hair! Did you know beer powder is known to increase elasticity in the skin, fights premature signs of ageing, brighten skins appearance and has antioxidant properties!

Our green beer soap has been created with organic base oils and infused with French Green Clay, carrot powder and alfalfa powder. This specific combination of beneficial powders is known to repair and tone skin while deep cleansing pores, stave off premature signs of ageing and ward off free radicals.

Our Beer Clay Bomb has been jam packed with cleansing clay, anti-inflammatory green tea powder and anti-aging beer powder. Scented with invigorating peppermint and creamy vanilla, this bomb is relaxing yet effective.

Our activated charcoal bomb has so many different skin benefits we couldn’t resist adding it to our bomb line. Exfoliation without stripping the body of natural oils, deep cleansing pores, acne soothing, blackhead removing, detoxifying impurities, pore shrinking, skin tightening…. The list of charcoals known benefits goes on and on. Packed with clay this bomb is a nourishing cleansing machine.

Our Eucalyptus Clay Beer Bomb is jam packed with alfalfa powder. Alfalfa is rich in antioxidants that ward off free radicals, it's an excellent ingredient to add to your skincare routine. Not only will it stave off premature signs of aging, but it will also aid in easing redness and irritation due to its high concentration of nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Our all natural lip balm is a nourishing lip mask consisting of coconut oil, cocoa butter, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil and beeswax. This is a crowd fav and is scented with light lavender notes and flavoured with Açai Berry oil.