Bodhi Products

Welcome to our ever growing in house brand. A brand that has taken years to formulate and fine tune but is finally ready to enter into the homes and hearts of customers across Canada.

Consisting of all organic, fair trade, sustainably sourced base oils, our products get their pigment from the use natural minerals and powders as such as clays, carrot powder, alfalfa powder, rosehip powder and many others. Why not use artificial colorants? We realize this limits us to certain shades and tones but we love knowing that he same ingredients that give us pigment also benefit our skin! 

We lean toward using grade A essential oils in our products but we also use fragrance oils from time to time. Don't worry, this is clearly stated in the ingredient list and we only use pthalate and paraben free fragrance oils from a line of well researched reputable Canadian companies. 

We hope you love using our Bodhi line as much as we love making them..... and using them ourselves.